Do You Know How to Brand Your Freelance Writing Business?

Does your freelance writing business have a brand?

Do you need one?

A strong brand image can drive people to your website. It can build awareness for your business and thus increase your sales and profits.

What Is A Brand?

Many people think of a brand as a trademark or logo. Those are things that can identify a brand but a brand is more of an image or perception of a company. A brand can be something as simple as a feeling. For example, when people think of Coca Cola they may think about having fun and being happy.

A USP or unique selling proposition can also be a brand. For example, Domino’s Pizza used to have a 30 minute or less delivery time. So people thought about Dominos as a fast and easy way to get dinner – pizza.
Your personality can be a brand too. You might be the Efficient Content Writer or a No Baloney Copywriter.

Why Is A Brand Important for Your Freelance Writing Business?

Branding is important to build your business because it helps create awareness.  When your prospects have a need, a strong brand will help them think of you first. Branding also helps establish many buying triggers including likeability, credibility and authority depending on your brand. A brand, in short, helps you convert prospects to customers.

Ideas to Brand Your Freelance Writing Business

So how do you brand your business? Read More…

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This post was written by Annette Elton on September 27, 2011

How to Boost Your Writing Confidence and Make More Money

Confidence is something that comes and goes for most freelance writers. Some days the words flow and you feel good about them. Other days can be a struggle. However, the more confident you are overall about your writing the more comfortable you’ll be setting higher rates. And the more willing your customers will be to pay those rates. It’s a win/win!

Here are a few tips to help you boost your writing confidence and make more money.

Focus on What You’re Good at and Offer It

Chances are you’re confident in a few areas of writing and not so confident in others. Offer your freelance writing services in areas where you’re confident and don’t worry about the rest.

For example, if you’re comfortable writing articles and reports but not confident with your copywriting skills then don’t offer copywriting services. You don’t have to be all and do everything – focus on what you’re good at.

Read About Writing

Most writing experts will tell you that there are two things every writer must do to improve and boost confidence. The first is to read. Read books you enjoy reading and also read about writing. Read blog posts from writing experts. Take classes and strive to read about different styles of writing. Read More…

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Surefire Ways to Position Yourself Ahead Of Your Competition

Competition is a fact of doing business. In many ways it helps. It can keep you motivated to exceed personally and professionally. However, you don’t want to have to feel your competition breathing down your neck.
Here are five tips to position yourself ahead of your competition.

#1 Offer Unprecedented Customer Service.

Make sure that each and every customer feels acknowledged, appreciated, and has a fantastic customer experience. This experience can begin on your website and continue long after their project has been delivered. Determine what your customers and prospects need most and offer it.

#2 Become a Consultant.

You’re an expert in your niche. Whether you’re an expert in a particular format or you’re an expert in an industry you do have knowledge. Chances are your customers and prospects have customers. They can benefit from your knowledge.

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How to Inspire Confidence in Your Clients – And Build a Better Business


How confident are your clients in your ability to do the job?

While confidence is something that you can create and establish once your client gets to know you, you’ll be able to charge higher rates and convert more prospects into customers if you can inspire confidence right from the get go. Imagine if everyone who visited your website was immediately confident in your skills and abilities.

Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

When people, especially small business owners, hire a writer it can be a nerve wracking experience for them. They’re paying you, someone they’ve probably never met, to write material for their business. They’re paying a stranger to represent their business.

As a writer and business owner there are several steps you can take to make your client feel more comfortable with the process. You can inspire confidence.

#1 The “See Through” Business

Transparency helps your prospects feel comfortable. People are wary and they don’t want to be scammed or spend their money on an inferior product or service. Help them feel secure by publishing all of your general fees, policies and procedures online. That way your prospect knows what to expect from working with you.

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